Graduate introduces government ministers to veterans’ employment scheme

Anamika Yadav

Anamika Yadav studied Computing with a Year in Industry and is working for Salesforce

Anamika Yadav has had a flying start to her career as a Customer Success Manager at Salesforce. She was a key member of a team who recently welcomed the Minister for the Cabinet Office and the Minister for Military Personnel and Veterans at Salesforce Tower London. The team spoke to the ministers about introducing veterans into the skilled jobs in the workplace through the Vetforce programme. 

She said, ‘I’m VP of Vetforce UK, my role on the day was to let the minister know about the work we do at Vetforce and the role of an ally in the equality group. It was an amazing opportunity to share with them the work being done by Vetforce UK, one of our companies Equality Groups.

Anamika studied Computing with a Year in Industry and graduated with first class honours. She made the most of her time as a student by becoming part of the Kent IT Consultancy, acting as a student ambassador and doing a Year in Industry with Kinetic Solutions. Here’s a short reminder of your student days!