Richard Lightman voted onto National Executive Committee of The Musicians’ Union

Lecturer in Music, Richard Lightman, has been voted on to the National Executive Committee (EC) of the Musicians’ Union. The EC is the national governing body of the Union and is responsible for making collective decisions of great importance to the Union. The Musicians’ Union is a worldwide recognised organisation which represents over 32,000 musicians working within the music industry.

Richard also recently delivered a paper on How contributing to government initiatives within the Music Industry informs the provision of HE at the recent ‘Popular Music: Reflections on Professional Practice within an Academic Context Seminar’ at Luleå University of Technology, Piteå School of Music in Northern Sweden on Wednesday 11 November.

Richard writes, “As a lecturer (and practitioner) in Music Business and Production, Composition for Film & Television and Music Culture, my objective is to provide my students with information on current trends and contemporary methodologies that equip them with skills to meet an ever changing market landscape. As a Director of the Council of Music Makers and a Consultant and Member of the Copyright and Policy Committee of UK Music, the umbrella organisation representing the whole of the Music Industry in the UK to government, I am party to new and sometime contentious policy information that informs my teaching. 


With a continuous changing arena, it is both important to keep updating the delivery of HE at the same time as maintaining clarity in that delivery.  I will be discussing some of the challenges, changes to delivery and rewards of interfacing HE with the expectations and objectives of the Music Industry.”