Abortion Law and Policy: Roundtable Discussion

Grimond (GS7), 12-2 pm, 27 March 2017.

This lunchtime discussion will include short presentations from a number of visitors, staff and research students at the University of Kent outlining their current research in the broad area of abortion law and policy.   There will be ample time for discussion and a sandwich lunch will be provided.

Presenters will include Kate Gleeson (Macquarie Law School and visitor, KCLGS); Joanna Mishtal (University of Central Florida and visitor, KCLGS); Christy Zink (George Washington University and visitor, KCLGS); Ann Furedi (CEO, bpas); Ellie Lee (SSPSSR); Clare Parker (KLS); Verity Pooke (SSPSSR); and Sally Sheldon (KLS).