Surrogate speak

Dr Kirsty Horsey was an invited speaker at the at the “Families Thru Surrogacy” international conference Held at the Strand Palace Hotel in March 2015. Kirsty spoke on Ethical responsibilities in surrogacy and addressed questions such as What are the ethical issues surrounding surrogacy and how they can be minimized. She also laid out a series of communication, strategies to control risk.

The conference included parents, surrogates, and children through surrogacy as well as experts from the UK, US, Greece, Russia and Ukraine e.g. Leading researchers and counselors, surrogacy providers, specialist lawyers and psychologists

Katia Neofytou was also a moderator on the session devoted to ‘How Altruistic Surrogacy Works in Greece for Foreigners.’ A few leading Greek clinics are now offering surrogacy to foreigners. The discussion covered what laws exist to protect surrogates and children, what is the infrastructure is like, and whether these children are considered citizens of Greece.

Katia is the named research assistant on the study by J. McCandless, et al entitled A Comparative Study on the Regime of Surrogacy in EU Member States (European Parliament , 2013) where she recently produced the reports for the legal regimes for surrogacy in Greece, UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and USA. The study provides a preliminary overview of the wide range of policy concerns relating to surrogacy as a practice at national, European and global level.


Katia KH