Apprentice Applications: A Parent’s Guide

If your child has decided that a degree apprenticeship is the best career path for them, these are some tips for applying.

is a degree apprenticeship right for my child - how to apply

Deciding whether a degree apprenticeship is the best route is an important decision, and your child should be sure that it is right before applying. If they are not quite sure yet, this guide may be helpful. However, if your child wants to apply for a degree apprenticeship, these are some of the ways you can support them for a successful application.


Find the right apprenticeship

The first thing you can do to help your child is to help them find the right apprenticeship programme for them. One of the best ways to do this is to search the Institute for Apprenticeships directory of apprenticeship standards. Using this directory, you and your child can find an existing apprenticeship standard which suits them.


Find an employer or vacancy

Once you have found the right apprenticeship, help your child to find an appropriate employer or vacancy. You can find current vacancies on the University of Kent apprenticeship vacancies page, or contact relevant employers via email, telephone or letter. Contacting potential employers is a great way to find an apprenticeship, especially within smaller companies. This step is important, because your child cannot study a degree apprenticeship without an employer.


Ensure that they have a good CV and covering letter

Your child’s CV and covering letter will be an employer’s first impression of them, so it is important to support them in making it notable. Proof read it in order to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors; that the necessary contact details are there; and that it sells them, their grades and their experience well. Similarly, you can also support your child when they are filling out application forms.


is a degree apprenticeship right for my child - how to apply


Know when to apply

It is important for you and your child to consider that there is no fixed cycle for degree apprenticeships, unlike traditional degrees. Kent has flexible start dates, with apprenticeships starting in January, May and September. Whilst some larger organisations often begin their recruitment up to a year in advance of September start dates, other companies recruit apprentices on a rolling basis


Be supportive

Remember that apprenticeships are hugely competitive and highly sought after, so your child may not be successful with their first degree apprenticeships applications. Be supportive of your child and encourage them to keep trying until they are successful!