Is a degree apprenticeship right for my child?

When leaving school your child will face many options, one of which being degree apprenticeships, but is this the right choice for them?

Is a degree apprenticeship right for my child

Since the introduction of degree apprenticeships in 2015 (, the number of employers and universities offering them has grown considerably. Through a degree apprenticeship your child can study either a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree. This is a huge benefit to both them and the company he or she works for, and will make them a valuable asset to their employer.


There are plenty of great reasons for your child to consider a degree apprenticeship, including:

  • the ability to earn a salary throughout the apprenticeship;
  • earning a full degree without the debt (because employers cover the cost of the degree);
  • experiencing on-the-job learning alongside academic study;
  • a potential head start in your child’s chosen field and opportunities to progress.
Is a degree apprenticeship right for my child


Degree apprenticeships may not be appropriate for everyone and your child should think carefully. Helpful things to consider include:


If there are degree apprenticeships available for their chosen career path

Degree apprenticeships are a pretty new concept, and many apprenticeships are being developed at present, so your child should check whether a degree apprenticeship is available in their chosen field. One of the best ways to do this is to search the Institute for Apprenticeships directory of apprenticeship standards. Using this directory, you and your child can find an existing apprenticeship standard which suits them.


How he or she learns best

Degree apprenticeships combine learning styles, across both their degree and their employment elements. Each apprenticeship will be taught in a unique way, so find out about the specific apprenticeship your child wants to apply for and see if it will suit their learning style.


Whether he or she is ready for full-time work

A degree apprenticeship is a full-time job, with apprentices spending 80% of their time on on-the-job training, and the remaining 20% on off-the-job studying. If your child feels ready for this kind of work, it is a beneficial way to gain both practical and theoretical experience in their chosen field.


Whether he or she is committed to balancing work and study

Degree apprenticeships require apprentices to balance work and study and organise their time effectively. When considering this, it is important to remember that degree apprenticeships tend to take approximately five years – so your child will need to commit for this amount of time.


Do they want to relocate?

Employers are supportive of apprentices who are willing to relocate in order to work for them, so he or she should consider where they want to work and study, and research whether a degree apprenticeship is available in that location.


If your child decides that a degree apprenticeship is right for them there are lots of options available. University of Kent offer apprenticeships in chartered management, STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and many more, which you can find here (