FREE Public engagement and media training session

Learn how to communicate better for max policy impact

There will be a free training session at the Centre for Journalism on 2nd April 2019. It is open to all university staff who wish to enhance their skills in communicating through the media (radio, TV and online) to influence policy.

The training will be led by Laura Garcia, Lecturer in Television and Multimedia Journalism. It will take place between 13.00 and 17.00 at the Medway campus.

Through newsroom exercises, interview practice, and TV studio exposure this session aims to break down some of the myths and fears of dealing with the media for academics and others who use research to influence policy.

Please sign up for this training using the Staff Connect system:

Instructions for registering: Log in to your Staff Connect ‘dashboard’. Click on ‘Training’ and then ‘Training Request’. Search for ‘media’ in the ‘Keyword’ box. Select the session on ‘Public engagement: media training’. Scroll to the bottom of that page and then click on the date of the training, then ‘submit’ to request a place.