Professor Clarkson Awarded Senior Anne Bennett Prize


Peter Clarkson, Professor of Mathematics in SMSAS for more than 25 years, has just been awarded the prestigious Senior Anne Bennett prize from the London Mathematical Society.

This prize is awarded every three years for work in, influence on or service to mathematics, particularly in relation to advancing the careers of women in mathematics. Peter is only the third winner of this prize and the citation reads as follows: “Professor Peter Clarkson, of the University of Kent, is awarded a Senior Anne Bennett Prize in recognition of his tireless work to support gender equality in UK mathematics, and particularly for his leadership in developing good practice among departments of mathematical sciences.”

Stéphane Launois, Head of SMSAS, says: “I am so happy for Peter as it acknowledges his dedication to improve equality, diversity and inclusivity in SMSAS, and in the wider mathematical community for over 10 years. His influential work will certainly have a long-lasting influence on the UK mathematical community and beyond.”

Congratulations Professor Clarkson!