Thank you

Pen writing the words thank you

Dear All,

It’s been another hectic week – the first full week of teaching online, with the need to sort out online exams as well. Thank you for all that you’re giving (well above and beyond what is normal) to look after our students and help one another. I am heartened by the way we’re making the best of a difficult and sometimes confusing situation. Those that are juggling work with home schooling and caring responsibilities deserve extra kudos.

One piece of news: today, Council approved the extension of KVSS by a month – the closing date will now be 24 May 2020. I’ll give a further update next week and hold an online Q & A session.

I hope that you get some rest over the weekend. It’s a good idea to do something out of the ordinary, to build some variety into the week. But above all, keep safe.

All the best


Peter Hydon | Professor of Mathematics and Director of Division

Division of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Science