“I’m very grateful we were provided with 1:1 career mentor”

Ruth Odugbesi graduated from The University of Kent in 2022 and is now a Junior Data Governance Analyst at Penguin Random House.

Ruth was connected with the SafetyNet+ scheme by The Careers and Employability Service.


Original Status: At the start of support Ruth was working, but in a role she did not feel was graduate
level. Ruth had begun to submit applications for her ideal role in data governance but only felt
somewhat confident in achieving this.

Support Provided: Ruth received tailored support from her career coach who focused on interview
preparation and advice pertaining to looking for a graduate position.

What Ruth Found Most Valuable: Ruth found that having a 1:1 career coach was valuable to her
development – she praised her coach for providing industry-specific interview questions that they
would work together on in an interview-simulation.

How the Support Helped Ruth with her Confidence: The support provided to Ruth made her very
confident in approaching the job market as a candidate and believes that the support allowed her to
grow and develop massively.

What Ruth Said About the Support: “My coach built my confidence! She helped me so much with
interview preparation and gave me genuine feedback that helped me better myself as a candidate.
I’m very thankful for her… I’m very grateful we were provided with 1:1 career mentor”.