Day Twelve at the Roman site on the Nailbourne

Hana writes: Some of the most exceptional features on the site were uncovered in Trench A, such as the deep feature Andrew and I have been digging out suspected to be a well; this lies in the southeast corner of the Trench.

Many oyster shells have come from this feature. By Trench B, Henry and I assisted Lloyd using GNSS last week to map the potential foundations of the Villa in order to highlight its true scale.

The afternoon I spent cleaning finds with Kate and Monica gave me a better understanding of post excavation processes as well as material culture, reinforcing my interest in experimental archaeology and artefact replication. Environmental archaeology is also an area I would like to work in in the future; this was reinforced after the area survey of the present environment we undertook at the beginning of last week.

Sally writes: As blog watchers will know a major part of our finds has been box-flue tile from the Roman central-heating system; and here are more ‘keying’ designs that have come to light which we have ‘named’:

“Choppy sea”
A beautiful sherd of pottery, probably from the Nene Valley (Peterborough).
A large chunk of painted Roman wall plaster has also bee recovered from the pattern within the rooms.