Day Eight at the Roman site on the Nailbourne

Kaitlene writes: In Trench A, a large feature is currently being excavated, which is located just outside of where the Roman building stood. Excavating this feature has produced a large amount of Roman tile and some animal bone, together with lumps of building mortar and large flints, presumably used for building purposes with these other materials. From the proximity to the building we can hypothesise that this feature could be a well, which was then later used to dispose of waste material and debris. The dark soil colour in this feature supports this theory, as it indicates an archaeological deposit rich in organic material, soot, etc. As we dig further down into the feature we hope stratified layers will become more visible. Roman villas often had wells placed close to the building. The discoveries continue…

Trench B: the dig team are hard at work.
Trench B: a large, well preserved seashell. Is this evidence that the Roman inhabitants of the villa enjoyed seafood?
Trench B: features slowly being revealed.
Trench B: a selection of the animal remains discovered so far.