Biosciences Postgraduate Skills Series

As a PGR student at the School of Biosciences, you are conducting research with an impact in the real world. However, your PostGraduate Programme is also a great opportunity to build your future career.  Whether you are completing a Master by Research, a Taught Master, or a PhD, acquiring a diverse range of transferrable skills will be critical to shaping your professional future.

Our newly established “Bioscience PGR Skills Programme” will provide you with a range of skills necessary for your research but will also prepare you for a future career, be it in academia, industry, business, or government.

Biosciences Postgradaute Skills Series Timetable and Teams links below:

Teams Links:
Taster Course: Basic Python
Thinking about a PhD or a Master by Research?
Taster Course: Basic R
Guest Speaker – link to follow
Help with your Postgraduate Applications