Welcome Week Photo Frenzy- The Rules!

The photo frenzy is an opportunity for you to get creative with a group of new friends! Below is a few ideas for you to start with, then check Instagram and Facebook for the daily challenge!



  • All the tasks will lead you to a place or landmark on campus or in Canterbury, and you need to take a picture of the answer
  • You or at least one member of the group needs to be in each picture
  • Daily challenges start when announced and ends at midnight the same day
  • All photos must be sent with natsengage@kent.ac.uk with group number and task number/challenge in order to be included in the prize draw
  • Stay safe, have fun, and get creative.


A few ideas to get you started! 

  1. A terrible crime has occurred in West Oast, and poor Linda have been left shell-shook in the window. Are you able to catch a picture of her before she runs away?
  2. Canterbury is windy, and this building shows it! This delightfully skewed 17th century house is famous in a number of photos, and now occupy the corner of royal roads.
  3. To travel light-years in minutes, explore new horizons and push all limits. A million of these sleep within, but who is the founder, the place you’ll begin?
  4. On a grassy hill, you can see Stephen peacefully overlooking the city – why don’t you join him and enjoy the view?
  5. Called ‘the Father of English Literature’, he is most known for a collection of 24 stories that run over 17,000 lines and a name that should sound familiar. While he now lies in the Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey, he also keeps a watch over people on their daily commute to the delicious smell of French pastries.
  6. With a view of the historic remains of the Romans, the Vikings, the English civil War and the Second World War, this memorial pays tribute to a founder of an old Kentish newspaper, a Canterbury Mayor and a publisher.


Bonus points

  1. Take the most creative group photo on the sports ground
  2. Re-create the Abbey Road album cover on a crosswalk (remember to wait for the green light!)
  3. Explore Kent! Show us a picture of the coast, Kent Downs or one of our lovely castles.
  4. Get a staff member involved in any of the tasks