Kelvin’s Story: BSc Biomedical Science with a Sandwich Year

Kelvin Baffour Ankrah, a recent graduate from the School of Biosciences shares his insight into studying Biomedical Science with a Sandwich Year abroad at the University of Kent.

Undergrad Biomedical Student on Placement in Ghana

Why did you choose to study your course?

I chose this course due to its diversification of career choices after completion and most importantly my love for understanding different mechanisms for diagnosing diseases and developing treatment options for humans.

What were your reasons for including a Professional Placement as part of your degree?

I opted for the Sandwich Year as it is a step to gain some outside experience prior to completion of the degree. Especially a lab-related degree as mine mostly requires workers with experience, hence I grabbed the chance to explore my options with a Sandwich Year which took place in Ghana, West Africa, at Tafo Government Hospital.

Kelvin on a trip to the Kakum National Park in Ghana
Kelvin on a trip at Kakum National Park in Ghana, West Africa while on Placement

What made the University of Kent stand out from other universities for you?

First, coming from London, Canterbury was a different environmental experience which I have appreciated so much. The change of scenery was top of my list, the university’s league table position in the previous and current academic year I applied and the diversity of the students in the university’s campus prompted me to choose it over my top three choices.

What has been a highlight for you so far at Kent?

My favourite highlight among others at Kent was the ability to form new families and friends for life I would say. I made friends from all sectors, ranging from my housemates, working in the university shops, volunteering on campus for events, taking part in the work-study scheme activities during initial weeks of autumn semesters to help welcome new students and help them settle down on campus. I felt being part of the community on campus and Kent. Not forgetting the amazing beaches in Kent, arguably Ramsgate being my favourite!!

Have you faced any challenging parts of your course? And how have you overcome these challenges?

I would not say challenges in particular but taking a year out and returning especially in the midst of a global pandemic with everything I knew on campus being different was briefly difficult to get my head around it initially. I spoke to my academic advisor initially and was referred to some support on campus like the Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS) which helped me settle in well academically and socially.

Kelvin in the science lab
Kelvin on his Placement year in Ghana at Tafo Government Hospital

Have you been involved with any societies or Sports teams at Kent? If so, what has been the best part of joining these communities?

I was the vice-president for First Love Society in my second year before departing for my Sandwich Year Abroad. The best part about being in the society was ability to help student settle in well on campus. Also joining the volunteering team on campus exposed me to one of my first work experience at St Martin’s Hospital which I loved so much.

What are your plans and hopes for life after Kent?

At the moment, I have been offered a job in the laboratory at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Hospital due to start soon. I am looking forward to this opportunity and hopefully it serves as an opening door for many more to come by. I am mostly excited that all the experience I gained from the university from my first year, second year, placement year (abroad) and final year can finally be put into use which will, benefit individuals in the public.

What advice would you give a new student at Kent?

To every new student at the University, take every opportunity that comes your way. There is no such thing as a small experience, they all add up to form and build you up as a student. Do not forget the first reason for coming to university but make sure you have a social life; make friends, build a connection outside your circles, and make sure to ALWAYS ask for help despite how minimal you might think the issue is. Everyone on campus is there to support you succeed, always remember that!

Kelvin in the science lab
Kelvin working during his internship at ADEY Ltd in Sittingbourne in his second year

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Thank you Kelvin for sharing your experience as a student at the University of Kent and we wish you all the best for the next chapter in your life.

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