Tomorrow’s World Scholarships

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The University of Kent has launched the ‘Tomorrow’s World’ scholarships—a series aimed at supporting our Finalist students’ continuing to postgraduate Masters study. While two of the series—the ‘Excellence Scholarship’ and the ‘Civic Mission Scholarship’—opened earlier in the month, we wish to highlight the availability of the third which opened today—‘BAME in Higher Education Scholarship.’

The BAME in Higher Education Scholarship is intended for current Final Year undergraduate applicants who identify as Black, Asian or a Minoritized Ethnic person. The scholarship is aimed to supporting UK Fee paying applicants with a 2:1 or first class degree continuing to Masters study at any of Kent’s location. Award of these scholarships provide £3,000 towards the cost of tuition fees and a total of 18 awards will be available under the scheme.

We encourage all who qualify for the award to apply by Sunday 1 August 2021, 23:59 BST.

A recent reflection on the scholarship name:

The University of Kent is aware of an ongoing and growing conversation that ‘BAME’ does not fully reflect the complexity or nuances of diversity within racially marginalized communities in the UK. Here, we use ‘BAME’ to highlight racial identities critically underrepresented within Higher Education—a focus this scholarship is intended to address.

The release of these scholarships is just one of many objectives in progress aimed to close attainment gaps disproportionally affecting minoritized communities and reaffirms our commitment to tackling racism. We thank the committee teams who swiftly met and organized a swift release of the awards and encourage everyone to continue sharing the news of this release widely across teams.

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