PhD buddy scheme.

Mentoring scheme for postgraduates

Have you heard about the new PhD buddy scheme? 

The Graduate and Researcher College is delighted to announce the launch of its mentoring scheme for postgraduates.

The scheme aims to:

  • Foster peer-peer support by bringing postgraduates together into mentoring pairs
  • Help postgraduates develop peer groups during COVID, through networking events
  • Train postgraduates in mentoring skills

The benefits of the scheme are:

  • Learning new skills
  • Working towards achieving goals with peer support
  • Developing networks and hopefully friendships
  • For mentors, sharing experiences to develop others.

The scheme is designed to help support the personal development of both mentors and mentees. Applications for the scheme can be made here, until January 29!.

In January, participants will receive an email to inform them about their buddy (we will endeavour to achieve as many matches as we can). They will attend a briefing session and start meeting with their buddy. They will also have the opportunity to attend training in mentoring skills and networking events throughout the scheme, which finishes in June.

Don’t miss out of this opportunity which will add to your networking skills and look great on your CV!