The Science of Making Babies

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A Think Kent “Discovers” documentary with Professor Darren Griffin, University of Kent

In July 1978, the world’s first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, was born in Oldham to her parents, Lesley and John. It’s now estimated 1 in 50 babies born in Britain today are the result of IVF or similar methods that allow an egg to be fertilised.  The film depicts the work of Prof. Darren Griffin and Prof. Alan Thornhill, as leaders in the field whose work has helped transform the lives of parents around the world.

Virtual event: 19.00 Thursday 16 July
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Film launch followed by panel discussion with:
Prof. Darren Griffin (Genetics, School of Biosciences), Prof. Alan Thorrnhill (Country Manager at Igenomix) and Prof. David Brown (Head of Structural Sciences at Servier, France, Honorary Prof. School of Biosciences).