The impact of the microbiome on our gastrointestinal health

Microbiome image

Volunteers needed for a Research study

Our gut microbes have been linked with many aspects of our health and are an emerging field of research. Some organisms previously considered disease-causing, may actually be beneficial to our gastrointestinal health. This research project will investigate the presence of these microbes and their role in human health and disease.

In the Tsaousis lab, we are conducting an exciting new research project on the gut microbiome and how a certain microorganism can effect its diversity and  impact on gastrointestinal health. We are looking for volunteers to provide us with stool samples for analysis to carry out this project. The results of this project could have a massive impact on our understanding of gastrointestinal health.

If you are Interested in helping with this study please contact PhD student, Jamie Newton for more information.

Supervisory team:
Dr Anastasios Tsaousis, Dr Mark Shepherd (School of Biosciences) , Dr Matthew Strutt (NHS, Kent Health)