Learning from others in our community

Miray Has

How much you know is how successful you are.

If you’d agreed with this statement, how successful would you be? We are at an era where knowledge is more favourable and valuable than money. Which is why I find sticking to study one or two disciplines at University very limiting. There is an overwhelming amount of information available to be learnt from each and every person around us, from each discipline within this University and every society. It just takes a little time and eagerness to find out.

This essentially sparked the idea of Kent Talks. A platform for the students of the University of Kent to collaborate, share valuable experiences and raise awareness. The event series aims to help students delve and gain invaluable knowledge from other disciplines within the University, continuously deepening their educational, cultural and social values.

Kent Talks is supported by an award to Miray Has from the Community Scholarships programme. A University initiative to help students develop their community and University through innovative ideas.