Biotechnology and Business MSc – now that’s a smart idea!

The new programme is a collaboration between the School of Biosciences and Kent Business School and brings together their considerable expertise in a new and exciting way.

The number of biotechnology companies in the UK have grown by 65% in the past 3 years and attracted more than £2.2 billion in investment in 2018 alone. This rapid growth requires a constant supply of innovators to build existing companies and maintain the start-up pipeline. To allow science graduates better access to these opportunities we have launched a new taught Masters programme that combines business with biomedical science.

In the first six months of the programme students will choose from advanced courses in Cancer Biology, Infectious Diseases, Biotechnology & Bioengineering, Biomedicine or Reproductive Medicine, and also study Marketing, Financial & Management Accounting, and Business Strategy. The second six months is laboratory-based and will provide a hands-on experience of how a scientific idea is translated into a business proposition by attempting to reach a critical milestone along the development pipeline.

Dr Gary Robinson, Programme Convenor and Director of Innovation & Enterprise in the School of Biosciences, is quoted as saying;

“In a nutshell we wanted to try and capture the exciting challenge of moving an idea, and preferably their idea, from the laboratory to the market place where it can be used by real people in real life”

The programme will give graduates a unique perspective and skill set to be successful in the bioscience job market, or even, the confidence to create their own business opportunity!

See our website for more information and details on how to apply.