eARC Synthetic Biology Conference 29 June 2019

This exciting conference is organised by Biosciences Postgraduate students

It’s free and everyone is welcome. Simply sign up and come along!

A one-day Eastern ARC Synthetic Biology conference, Synthetic Biology on the Rise: Improving Therapeutics through Interdisciplinary Approach, is being held in the Ingram lecture theatre at the University of Kent on 29 June 2019. The event has been organised by MSc Biotechnology and Bioengineering students, with funding obtained from the Eastern ARC Events Fund.

Dr. Paul Race, University of Bristol
Dr. Antonia Sagona, University of Warwick
Dr. Giovanni Stracquadanio, University of Edinburgh

Join us if you want to learn how researchers are merging synthetic biology with fields such as computer science and biological chemistry to improve therapeutics and fight against human disease! The event provides an opportunity to hear from leading scientists in the field as well as networking with biotechnology companies and graduate schools. Open to interested staff and students from across the consortium, there will also be poster presentations and a buffet provided. Tickets and food are FREE, so book your place now!