MSc by Research Projects available for 2019/20

Looking to undertake an MSc by research in Biosciences?

We offer MSc by research degrees, whereby the student carries out a research project for a full year in a member of staff’s research group. This is an increasingly popular option for students who prefer to gain extensive experience in laboratory (or in some cases computational biology) research, as preparation for a PhD application or a career in the biotechnology or health sciences research areas. Numbers have steadily increased in recent years and we currently have 28 students registered for our MSc by research.
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Examples below of projects available for September 2019:

Cancer and Ageing

Dr Jenny Tullet
Understanding the molecular basis of longevity
Dr Tim Fenton
How does wrongful expression of germline genes drive HPV cancer pathology?
Professor Martin Michaelis
Investigation of drug-adapted cancer cell lines
Dr Chris Mulligan
Probing the mechanism of INDY (I’m not dead yet) transporters: a target for the treatment of cancer, diabetes and obesity
Dr Ben Goult
Deciphering the talin code – a cellular code that enables cells to feel their environment

Industrial Biotechnology

Professor Mark Smales
Evaluation of new Alkaline Phosphatases
Dr Tobias von der Haar
Towards the biological degradation of plastic materials
Dr Simon Moore
Development of xenobiotic antimicrobials by cell-free protein synthesis

Evolution, reproduction and genome organisation

Dr Mark Wass
Predicting the effects of genetic variation
Dr Peter Ellis
Are Y-linked genes the explanation for the differential prevalence of certain cancers between men and women?
Dr Marta Farré Belmonte
Optimization of DNA and RNA extraction protocols from hair follicles and other samples of water voles (Arvicola amphibus) to establish the genetic diversity of the population in Wildwood Trust. This project is in collaboration with Wildwood Trust

Infectious Diseases

Dr Mark Shepherd
The CydDC transporter of E. coli: biochemical characterisation of an antimicrobial target
Dr Anastasios Tsaousis
Establishing and developing an advance culturing platform for Cryptosporidium
Dr Alessia Buscaino
Understanding mechanisms of RNA interference in the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans
Dr Campbell Gourlay
Investigating the role of mitochondria in regulating cell health and ageing

Cellular Architecture and Dynamics

Professor Michael Geeves
Protein based temperature sensors for use inside cells and organelles
Dr Jose Ortega-Roldan
Investigating the rupture the plasma membrane in necrosis?
Dr Wei-Feng Xue
Structural biology of amyloid aggregates
Dr Neil Kad 
How are genes activated?
Dr Ben Goult
New Approaches to Rapid Protein Structure Determination by NMR

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