Cellular Dynamics to feature at Cheltenham Festival

Cellular Dynamics – a collaboration between the School of Biosciences and the Music Department – will be one of the opening events of the Cheltenham Science Festival on Tuesday 5 June at 20.30 in the Parabola Arts Centre.

Cellular Dynamics merges cutting-edge biological research with live musical performance. It explores fundamental biological processes and concepts – such as cell growth and division, neural development, and synthetic biology – through projection of images and video derived from research undertaken at Kent. Curated and presented by Dr Dan Lloyd from the School of Biosciences, the performance features musical repertoire for piano – including Satie, Debussy, Glass and others – selected in collaboration with Daniel Harding, Deputy Director of Music, and performed by pianist and composer Matthew King.

The Cheltenham Science Festival is described by Professor Brian Cox as “the premier science festival in the UK”. Cellular Dynamics will also be featured at the Norwich Festival of Science (October) and the Hong Kong Festival of Ideas (January 2018). Previous incarnations have included performances in the Canterbury Festival, and with chorus and string orchestra in the Colyer-Fergusson Hall.