‘Little Monsters’ a spooky Halloween success

little-monstersThe School of Biosciences hosted a family-friendly Halloween-themed event for the Canterbury Festival this weekend.

With an array of microscopic samples from the animal kingdom, and the darkened atmosphere of the teaching laboratories illuminated only by lights from our dissecting microscopes, the Stacey building was the backdrop for a spooky treat. Children, in particular, enjoyed taking a look at the beautiful features of prepared insect samples, and a fascinating demonstration of fearsome insect mouth parts. They even looked at their own pond water samples, finding all manner of biodiversity.little-monsters-2

Little Monsters was facilitated by Dr. Tasos Tsaousis, Dr. Frances Mansfield, and Dr. Dan Lloyd, with assistance from postgraduate students from the School of Biosciences. It was part of the Canterbury Festival’s Science Strand, sponsored by the University of Kent.