Graduate profile: Anja Godfrey

Anja Godfrey graduated in July 2013 with a degree in Biomedical Sciences.

anjaAs I got to grips with the content of the various subjects, I quickly found that I was most interested in microbiology. The inspirational lecturers taught me about the huge impact that these tiny life forms have; essential for our survival, but so often responsible for our demise.

During my time at Kent I discovered that I enjoyed working in the lab. I also found that the detective-like nature of research suited me perfectly. With this in mind I sought out a summer studentship at Imperial College. Here I worked with the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, trying to discover how it dodged the immune system. I returned to Kent for my final year and this experience set me up well for my final year project, which I enjoyed so much. The passion and support shown by my supervisor made me decide that I must pursue my studies further. In September 2013 I began my PhD at the University of Sussex, studying viruses, and I am incredibly excited about this. Without my experience at Kent I wouldn’t be prepared for this difficult challenge, and certainly wouldn’t be confident of my ability to rise to it.

Academic achievement is all very well, but Kent also offered me a very active social life, with a huge amount of societies and sports clubs to be involved in. This aspect of Kent life really sets Kent apart from other universities, generating well balanced students with life skills as well as social skills and I am so pleased I chose to study there.