International Genetics Conference -The ethics of embryo profiling

image1Ethical issues surrounding embryo profiling will come under the spotlight at an international genetics conference at the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus, 29 April-2 May.

Other topics to be discussed at the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society (PGDIS) annual meeting include the impact of IVF on embryonic and long-term health and various aspects of whole genome analysis of IVF embryos.

More than 300 experts from the field of preimplantation genetics are expected to attend the conference, with IVF pioneer Professor Sir Robert Winston giving the keynote address on 2 May.

Darren Griffin, Professor of Genetics at the University of Kent and conference organiser, said: ‘PGD continues to be a controversial topic. This conference aims to address the past, present and future of this ever-evolving area of science.’

Professor Griffin, of the University’s School of Biosciences, will give a presentation entitled Counting chromosomes: from sexing to Karyomapping, which will take place as part of a session looking at early discoveries in the history of PGD and how they have led to more recent innovations.