Posters (day-3)

The second poster session will take place in the Grimond Foyer on Saturday 14 April, 10:20-11:40. Refreshments will be served in the Aphra Foyer during the poster session.

  1. Prosody facilitates memory recall in L1 but not L2
    Elaine Schmidt, Ana Pérez, Luca Cilibrasi, Ianthi Tsimpli
  2. Gradience and categoricity in s-retraction: An ultrasound study of Manchester English
    Stephen Nichols, George Bailey
  3. Perceptual Assimilation of Southern British English vowels by Punjabi-Urdu speakers
    Ishrat Rehman, Amalia Arvaniti
  4. Asymmetries in tongue-palate contact during speech
    Jo Verhoeven, Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro, Naomi Miller
  5. Prenuclear pitch accents and peak alignment in Derry~Londonderry English
    Antoin Eoin Rodgers
  6. The role of semantic cues in prosodic disambiguation of wh-phrases in Korean
    Jieun Song, Jieun Kiaer
  7. Static and Dynamic Cues in Vowel Production in Hijazi Arabic
    Wael Almurashi, Ghada Khattab, Jalal Al-Tamimi
  8. Speech on YouTube – Vloggers and testing theories of style
    Selina Sutton, Paul Foulkes
  9. Articulation rate in automated spoken language assessment
    Calbert Graham, Andrew Caines, Paula Buttery, Francis Nolan
  10. A quantitative analysis of intra and inter-speaker variation of F0, F1, F2, speech rate and vowel duration from soft to loud speech in Italian
    Massimiliano Canzi
  11. The Impact of Computer Assisted Pronunciation Training on Libyan Child Learners of English
    Hana Ehbara, Jalal Al-Tamimi
  12. Comparison of the vowel systems in three varieties of Swedish
    Eva Liina Asu, Otto Ewald, Susanne Schötz
  13. Unstressed vowel reduction in Modern Standard Turkish
    Mitko Sabev
  14. Formants and Nasalisation in the Detection of URI from Telephone-Bandwidth Speech
    Ladan Baghai-Ravary
  15. Intonation intuition: production and perception in two varieties of English
    Jane Setter, Toby Hudson, Peggy Mok
  16. An exploration of speech rhythm and interactional coherence and relatedness in Other-turn-continuationi
    Marina N. Cantarutti