Posters (day-2)

The second poster session will take place in the Grimond Foyer on Friday 13 April, 14:30-16:00. Refreshments will be served in the Aphra Foyer during the poster session.

  1. Peak timing in nuclear H*+L accents revisited: Cois Fharraige Irish
    Maria O’Reilly, Ailbhe Ní Chasaide
  2. Learning to speak in a second language: Does multiple talker production training benefit production
    Wafaa Alshangiti, Bronwen G. Evans, Mark Wibrow
  3. The Role of Frequency and Magnitude Scales for Identifying Plosives’ Place of Articulation
    Daniel McCarthy, Jalal Al-Tamimi
  4. Sibilants and Ethnicity in Glaswasian Girls
    Jane Stuart-Smith, Farhana Shaukat Alam
  5. Is seeing believing? The influence of L1 written forms on L2 perception and production
    James Turner
  6. Pitch differences in the babbling of Mandarin- and English-learning infants
    Shanshan Lou
  7. The Quality and Length of Stressed versus Unstressed Vowels in Saanich (Salish): Preliminary Acoustic Investigation
    Janet Leonard
  8. Utterance rhythm and tempo perception
    Rachel Smith, Leendert Plug
  9. Gradient dissimilation in Mongolian: implications for diachrony
    Míša Hejná, Adèle Jatteau
  10. Effects of orthographic forms on speech production in Japanese speakers of L2 English
    Mirjana Sokolovic-Perovic, Bene Bassetti, Susannah Dillon
  11. Voicing contrast in Najdi Arabic initial stops
    Nief Al-Gamdi, Ghada Khattab, Jalal Al-Tamimi
  12. Effects of language dominance on lexical access in Galician-Spanish bilinguals
    Gisela Tomé Lourido, Bronwen G. Evans
  13. Lexical access speed in English and Bulgarian in a cross-language lexical decision task: The effect of formant manipulation in English words
    Maria Dokovova, James M. Scobbie, Robin Lickley
  14. The production of coronal stops in English-Punjabi bilinguals: Cross-linguistic transfer and inter-generational transmission
    Sam Kirkham, Maya Zara
  15. English timing phenomena at the start of the lifespan
    Piers Messum
  16. Usage-related factors in s-insertion in Korean
    Hae-Sung Jeon
  17. The complementarity of automatic, semi-automatic and auditory-phonetic measures of supralarygneal vocal tract output: an investigation based on speaker discrimination
    Vincent Hughes, Philip Harrison, Paul Foulkes, Peter French, Colleen Kavanagh, Eugenia San Segundo
  18. Focus and F0 patterns in Jeddah Arabic
    Hajar Moussa, Jalal Al-Tamimi
  19. The path of the innovative [t͡s] sound in Andalusian Spanish: A sociophonetic story
    Abraham Carrasco Portillo