Posters (day-1)

The first poster session will take place in the Grimond Foyer on Thursday 12 April, 14:40 – 16:40. Refreshments will be served in the Aphra Foyer during the poster session.

  1. Dynamics of /r/-colouring: Perspectives from L2 Acquisition
    Kaiyue Xing
  2. Production and perception of cross-linguistic phonological categories: Data from English-Polish heritage speaking children
    Maximilian Topps
  3. Plasticity in the vowel productions of Galician-Spanish bilinguals: An examination of the effects of dual language switch
    Robert Mayr, Laura López-Bueno, Gisela Tomé Lourido
  4. Machine-Automated Vowel Measurement and Oral History Recordings
    Christopher Strelluf
  5. WYRED: West Yorkshire Regional English Database
    Erica Gold, Kate Earnshaw, Sula Ross
  6. The effect of input variability on phonetic vowel training for children
    Gwen Brekelmans, Bronwen G. Evans, Elizabeth Wonnacott
  7. The impact of phonotactic position and social class on coda /r/ tongue gesture timing in spontaneous speech
    Eleanor Lawson, James M. Scobbie, Jane Stuart-Smith
  8. Tracing the emergence and development of laterality in babble
    Florence Oxley
  9. Variation in articulation causing instability in the phonetic realization of syllable structure
    Sarah Mahmood
  10. Effect of Articulation Rate on the Articulatory to Acoustic Onset Interval in Delayed Naming
    Pertti Palo, Sonja Schaeffler, James M. Scobbie
  11. TUULS of the forensics trade: Assessing the viability of pooling heterogeneous accent corpora for automatic speaker comparison purposes
    Dominic Watt, Carmen Llamas, Peter French, Almut Braun, Duncan Robertson
  12. Phonetic implementation of mid vowel contrasts across Italian varieties
    Margaret Renwick
  13. Gender and Salience in speech production and perception
    Roy Alderton
  14. Rogue vowel: Acoustic variation and dynamics in Swedish Viby-i
    Fabienne Westerberg
  15. Voice feature correlates of emphatic /ṭ/ and /ṣ/ in Jeddah Arabic
    Reem Maghrabi, Barry Heselwood
  16. Linguistic GOOSE chase: real time incrementation of u-fronting in Southern British English
    Sophie Holmes-Elliott
  17. Overlapping talk in Greek conversations
    Marianna Kaimaki
  18. Articulatory settings in English and German during inter-speech pauses
    Oksana Rasskazova, Susanne Fuchs, Christine Mooshammer
  19. Do menstrual hormonal changes affect subsegmental laryngeal phenomena as well as voice quality?
    Míša Hejná
  20. The perceptual spacing of Cardinal Vowels in naïve English and Spanish speaking listeners
    Francis Nolan, Bryony Perks, Kirsty McDougall
  21. Rhythmic regularity in question-answer sequences
    Rachel Smith, Sonja Kotz
  22. Silent articulations in Mehri, a Modern South Arabian Language
    Barry Heselwood, Janet Watson
  23. The social stratification of phonetic clicks in Glaswegian conversation
    Julia Moreno
  24. Perception of Glaswegian rhoticity suffers in challenging listening conditions
    Robert Lennon