Information for presenters

Oral presentations
Each oral presentation slot will be 20 minutes long (a 15-minute talk, followed by a 5-minute discussion). We recommend that you leave sufficient time at the end for the audience to ask questions or to comment on your work. The chair of your session will ensure that the meeting runs to schedule.

The meeting room (Grimmond Lecture Theatre 2) is equipped with a widescreen 16×9 projector connected to a PC running Windows 10. If you want to use the equipment on-site, you need to bring your presentation on a USB stick. Alternatively, you can use your own Windows laptop to connect to the projector via a VGA port or a HDMI connector (both are available on-site). If you wish to connect a Mac, please bring an adaptor.

If you have sounds or videos embedded in your presentation, you are strongly encouraged to test whether they will play correctly on the local PC ahead of your session. This will give you some time to fix the problem or find an alternative solution if needed.

The poster boards are in portrait orientation, 2135 mm (84”) high and 1000 mm (39”) wide. Posters can be either in portrait or landscape, provided they fit these dimensions. Velcro stickers for mounting the posters on the boards will be provided. Please note that we have a strict no pins on the boards policy.

You may be able to print your poster on campus. For information visit the Kent Design and Print services. There is also a poster printing service in town, Canterbury printing.