We cordially invite you to the Actuarial Teachers’ and Researchers’ Conference (ATRC 2017) to be held at University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, on the 17th and 18th of July 2017. ATRC is an annual two-day event that provides a forum for academics, practitioners and professional bodies to exchange ideas on recent advances in actuarial research and education.

The theme of ATRC 2017 will be Ageing Populations and Actuarial Implications. Ageing population poses a number of challenges for actuaries, policy-makers, regulators and other stakeholders. ATRC 2017 will provide a forum to examine the possible financial, economic, health and other challenges of demographic change.

We hope that the theme of the conference will inspire many of you to give talks and many more of you to attend and participate in the discussions at the ATRC 2017 at University of Kent.