Good luck to April’s Athena SWAN Submitters!

Schools and Institutions can submit their Athena SWAN applications twice a year; in November and April.

At the end of April, six Schools at Kent will be submitting their Athena SWAN Bronze applications. Athena SWAN at Kent has been supporting them throughout the process; it is time to say good luck to School of Physical Sciences, School of Biosciences, School of Anthropology and Conservation, School of Arts, School of Sport and Exercise Science and Kent Law School! You’ve worked long and hard!

What happens now? The submissions will be sent to the Athena SWAN Charter to be peer-reviewed. It will take approximately five to six months for the results to come back; we’ll know latest in November 2019 if we can celebrate new and renewed Athena SWAN Bronze accreditations.

We are only just reaching the deadline with this submission round, but already working with the Schools who will be submitting in November 2019.