Graduate profile – Katharine Edmonds

Katharine Edmonds

Katharine Edmonds graduated with a BA (Hons) in Drama and Theatre in 2013. She is she currently a Casting Assistant at The Old Vic theatre, London.

Why did you choose Kent?

I was drawn to Kent because of the opportunity to study abroad for a year and because there were a lot of opportunities to make theatre, both on the course and in the extra-curricular activities on offer. I didn’t want to do a course that was really heavy on theory and not much practise.

What modules did you study – are there any that stood out?
Creative Project, in my final year, was a great way to end my degree – we created a comic farce set in a Spanish Hotel.

What was the best part of your course?

The best part of the course for me was that it was more or less 50% practical and 50% theoretical and you could lean towards modules that were suited to how much you wanted to do of either.

Did you join a student society?
I was very actively involved in T24 Drama Society and the Musical Theatre Society.

How did your degree lead to your current career?

At Kent there were lots of opportunities to get involved in different areas of theatre. I performed in productions; did publicity; made set and sourced props; production managed and directed alongside my studies. Being so busy at uni meant I had to be very organised and good at scheduling which now comes in very handy at work! I became interested in casting on my Year Abroad in Buffalo (NY), which was a real highlight of my degree.

What does your current job involve?

I’m a Casting Assistant. I primarily work on the children’s cast changes for Matilda and School of Rock in the West End. Jessica Ronane is in-house Casting Director at the Old Vic so my job also includes working on some Old Vic productions. I invite people in to audition, I help to run the children’s audition days and I do all of the accompanying admin. The kids casting process often involves research and outreach too. For adult castings, I check the availabilities of actors and upload footage from the auditions. My role shifts depending on the needs of the office.

What are your plans for the future?

Casting is something that I’m still learning about and enjoying for the moment so I think I’ll be doing it for a while. I’m keen to see how the process differs for TV and film but theatre is where I want to stay ultimately.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter the world of theatre?

If you don’t know quite what you want to do, try something. Even if you figure out it’s not for you that’s useful. Be proactive and talk to as many different people in the industry as you can.