PhD Student Luis Rocha-Antunes Publishes ‘The Multisensory Film Experience’

The Multisensory Film Experience


The light and sound of the motion picture, once perceived, are a gateway to a multisensory experience of the spectator. Moving beyond the oft-discussed perceptual elements of vision and hearing, The Multisensory Film Experience analyses temperature, pain, and balance in order to argue that it is the experience of film that’s inherently multisensory, not the medium. Luis Rocha Antunes here explores the work of well-loved film-makers Erik Jensen, Gus Van Sant and Ki-Duk Kim to offer new insights into how viewers experience films and understand their stories. This is an original contribution to an emerging field of research and will become essential reading for film scholars.

Luis Rocha Antunes is a doctoral candidate in film studies and aesthetics at the University of Kent and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Purchases of the book can be made here.