Alfred Drury exhibition

The Victorian sculptor Alfred Drury is the focus of the latest exhibition at the Studio 3 gallery in the Jarman Building. The show was curated by Ben Thomas, who spoke on Drury at the conference staged by the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds in connection with their current exhibition ‘The Age of Innocence: Replicating the Ideal Portrait in the New Sculpture Movement’.  The exhibition, which will move on in the New Year to The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery in Leeds, is supported by grants from the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, the Henry Moore Foundation and the Leeds Art Fund.  A fully illustrated catalogue with contributions by Benedict Read, Jolyon Drury, Brian Landy, Jane Winfrey and the exhibition curator Ben Thomas, published by the University of Kent Press, accompanies  the exhibition, and presents new research on the artist. The catalogue is published thanks to the generosity of the Leeds Art Fund – Susan Beattie Memorial.