Ben Thomas to discuss prints with artist Marcelle Hanselaar

Introductory Session for the Printmaking for Change series at the Paul Mellon Centre


Ben Thomas, Reader in Art History, will be introducing the Paul Mellon Centre’s Printmaking for Change series of events in October 2023.

He will discuss the challenging nature of printmaking with the artist Marcelle Hanselaar on Monday 2 October at 6pm. To book for this event click here.

Prints are multiple yet individual, unpredictable and hard to regulate, often critical, funny, ephemeral, frightening, irreverent, angry or just plain weird. They can be popular or obscure, sophisticated or clumsy, beautiful or ugly or, when responding to market demand, repetitive and dull. They are hard to define and categorise and for that reason tend to be ignored by curators in their displays, yet every national art collection will have far more prints than paintings. Prints are also cheap by comparison with other artworks and can be collected by ordinary people, disseminating their message widely. In this introductory session, art historian Ben Thomas and painter and printmaker Marcelle Hanselaar will discuss the properties of prints that challenge our expectations, and how as an artform they can be democratic, undisciplined and consequently forces for change.