On reclaiming history at the British Museum

Elizabeth II Great Court. Drawing: Catherine Hahn 2022. Reclaiming History in the British Museum entranceway: imperialism, patronage and female, queer and black legacies, Rethinking History 2023

Lecturer in Art History, Dr Catherine Hahn, has a new article out on the British Museum. Its focus on hidden female, queer and black histories in the museum entranceway reanimates connections with the past. A key aspect of Catherine’s research methodology is drawing, see the illustrated article in https://doi.org/10.1080/13642529.2023.2184966 Rethinking History Volume 27. Issue 2, 2023.

Catherine provides interactive Detours at the British Museum during term time. If you are studying at Kent and would like to attend one, please let her know: c.hahn@kent.ac.uk

Catherine’s staff page is here: Dr Catherine Hahn – School of Arts – University of Kent