Experiments in Art and Text I

2nd year Art History student Skye Defoe sculpting in the workshop


Taking inspiration from the African American sculptor Meta Warrick Fuller, Kent Art History students produced exciting experiments in art and text on the Single Artist Module. The students were supported in the Kent specialist workshop by artist and workshop manager Sam Westbury.

Meta Warrick Fuller Talking Skull  1939

Fuller’s life-long commitment to modelling in clay was fuelled by her political, poetical and personal experiences. Students, including Skye Defoe and Niamh Packman, made maquettes inspired by the mood and movement in Fuller’s sculptures.

Meta Warrick Fuller Spirit dancing c.1901. The sculpture was destroyed in a fire in 1910. Image courtesy of the Danforth Art Museum at Framingham State University. Gift of the Fuller Family Trust.


In the workshop 3rd Year student Niamh Packman with her maquette 


If you would like to know more about the Single Artist module and/or Meta Warrick Fuller, please contact the module convenor Catherine Hahn c.hahn@kent.ac.uk

The Danforth Art Museum has an extensive collection of Fuller’s work.

Thanks to Sam Westbury and to the staff at Danforth Art Museum, Rachel Passannante, Collections Manager, and Jessica Roscio, Director and Curator, for their Q&A and online tour. Thanks also to the students on Single Artists – your fantastic input and output was much appreciated!