Student Exhibition: Beyond the Books, 12-23 June, Jarman Foyer

An exporation of the student experience, curated by Niamh Packman and Emily Jones

You are all warmly invited to our undergraduate student exhibition Beyond the Books: An Exploration of the Student Experience, 12-23 June, at the Jarman Building Foyer.

The exhibition is a student initiative, driven by the need to address the realities of student life and bring the student community together. It is curated by Niamh Packman and Emily Jones, Art History students, and showcases the work of students Beth Wood, Brooke Bettey, Benches of UKC and Esmersmellder.

The artists come from a variety of backgrounds and courses of study but have the shared experience of being a student beyond that of their studies. The UK student experience beyond the books has often been overlooked or misrepresented, this exhibition provides a platform for the realities of student life, told by students themselves.


The works in the exhibition offer the unique perspectives of the all-female and non-binary artists responding to both the joys and struggles of student life, some of which are the result of studying during a global pandemic, the effects of which we are still feeling. Not only does the exhibition intend to physically bring students together on campus to share their experiences but intends to represent and therefore celebrate students within their own space, on their campus and in their community.

Existing displays on campus, whilst effective in their own ways, are disconnected from students’ realities. Beyond the Books was created to change this, to showcase the talents and voices of the student artists and bring a community together. The candid artwork on display touches on themes of isolation, mental health, and danger but this exhibition does not solely focus on the darker aspects of student life and simultaneously celebrates friendship, the power of humour, emotional connections as well as common challenges which bind students together.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and that it resonates with your own student experience.


For more information, see our exhibition catalogue.

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