Exhibition opening: Diving Deep: A Journey through the Intersection of Water and the Human Body

Studio 3 Gallery (Jarman Building) 7 June, 12.00 + Artists Q&A

You are all warmly invited to the opening of this year’s MA Curating exhibition Diving Deep: A Journey through the Intersection of Water and the Human Body, on 7 June, at 12.00 at Studio 3 Gallery (Jarman Building, University of Kent).

Come and immerse yourselves in this journey, and have the unique opportunity to meet participating artists Allegra Hicks and Hugo Hamper Potts.



The ever-changing, flowing aspect of water has always been linked with the concept of human life. It is a component of our bodies and a vital source of life. It is amorphous, holding shape and possibility. Water, which is frequently shown as a stream of life, may follow any path and holds many meanings, ranging from purity to chaos.

Connecting our bodies to water as an element implies connecting to a major part of who we are, both as individuals and as members of the society in which we live. Its fluidity and adaptability make it a symbol of life, representing the ebb and flow of existence. When we connect to water as an element, we tap into a major source of spiritual and emotional nourishment.

Just like water, our bodies can take on many forms and follow any path, embodying the unpredictable nature of our journey through life.

This exhibition is a celebration of water’s beauty, power, and significance in our lives. Capturing fleeting and tranquil scenes of waves, streams, and seashores, as well as diving, bathing, and reflecting, the artworks on show invite us to dive deep into our own relationship with water and reflect on how it shapes our existence both physically and metaphorically.

Curated by Emma Richie and Mando Hatziapostolou.

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