Invitation to “Blooming Brushes”, a student-led art exhibition (28 May, Eliot Hall)

by Abigail Fakoya (MA Curating)

You are warmly invited to the following exhibition:

Blooming Brushes (28 May 2022, 1pm – 5 pm, Eliot Hall, University of Kent)

a student-led exhibition by Abigal Fakoya and Bella Avalos




The Blooming Brushes Art Program was created to facilitate a community where students at The University of Kent could come together and share in the experience of learning new skills and creating something of their own.

Art is something that stops you in your tracks, pulls at the cracks in your chassis and plants its seeds within you. Much like rosemary, mint, or thyme, it takes time to develop its impact on both the artist and the people that come across the pieces of work.

We endeavoured to create a class of dedicated artists searching for ways to grow as individuals and to become more involved with Canterbury’s community. The program featured two local artists who shared their passion and expertise with the students, and over a series of 5 sessions, the students truly bloomed.

This exhibition is a culmination of the months of the hard work of the administrative staff, the artists, and the students.

This program was created for the artist in bloom, and we are proud to present our students, whose brushes have indeed bloomed and have created a fantastic body of work for you to see.

Please join us in celebrating the founding RLA’s Bella Avalos & Abigail Fakoya, the CCL officer Fiona Simpson, the instructing artists Peggy Mitchell, James Chaplin & Alice Gretton and our 15 artists in bloom, at the Blooming Brushes Art Exhibition.


Bella & Abigail