Moyra Derby, room plan, Studio 3 Gallery

We are excited to announce Moyra Derby’s site-specific exhibition ‘room plan’ 13th April-11th May, Studio 3 Gallery, Jarman Building, University of Kent

Opening: Wednesday 13 April 2:00-4:00

Artist Talk: Friday 6 May 2:30

With Studio 3 Gallery actualised and imagined as the space of the painter and mathematician, the visitor will encounter it as never before.

Moyra Derby’s work is in progress. Painting based components, configured as a room plan, sit alongside space responsive works that share measurements, ratios and compositional strategies. ‘Room plan’ pictures and proposes an approach to painting that is provisional and interdependent. We are invited to see and engage with the exhibition as an open proposition. In the artist’s words: ‘The components of ‘room plan’ are approached as attentional co-ordinates that anticipate and reciprocate the spatial and imaginative participation of the gallery visitor’.

We invite you to come and experience ‘room plan’ for yourselves.

room plan is open 11:00 – 4:00 on the following days: Wed 13 Apr, Wed 20 Apr, Wed 27 Apr, Fri 29 Apr, Wed 4 May, Fri 6 May, Wed 11 May or by appointment contact Moyra Derby on