Le Piazze [In]visibili – Invisible Squares extended to 25th March

We are delighted to announce Le Piazze [In]visibili – Invisible Squares has been extended through to 25th March, to allow people more time to visit.

Le Piazze [In]visibili – Invisible Squares until March 25th 

Curated by Marco Delogu

Studio 3 Gallery, Jarman Building, University of Kent

Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm. Free entrance.

Invisible Squares features photographs of twenty Italian piazzas, taken between the end of March and the beginning of May, when Italy, like much of the rest of the world, found itself in confinement. In the exhibition catalogue, Joseph Rykwert identifies that the quarantine deprived the squares of business, whilst offering a ‘unique opportunity’ to see the piazzas’ ‘complex geometries, their bare bones’. Each image tells a different story, accompanied by short original texts by Italian writers connected to the piazzas by memories, experiences and literary references.

Marco Delogu, the curator of this wonderful exhibition, rightly suggests the photographs give us a view of Italy’s squares that was previously only available to those ‘who designed, planned, built and adorned them’.

The exhibition is an initiative of Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and has been shown and extended at the University of Kent thanks to the generosity of the Italian Cultural Institute in London.

The exhibition has given our MA Curating students an excellent opportunity to put their learning into practice by adapting and installing the works in the studio. Students have also been a great source of information, as invigilators of the display.

The exhibition will be part of the #EarBox event with the University String Sinfonia on Weds 23 March at 1.10pm.