by Lia Gillett (for the module Photography: Contexts of Practice)

My name is Lia Gillett, and I am currently in my second year studying media. This year I chose a bit of a different module to my course, Photography: Contexts of Practice. This helped me express myself through my pictures. For this module we were asked to produce 2 portfolios with whatever subject matter we deemed fit.

I decided to go for something a bit different, I chose to focus my camera on paths. These can be seen both literally and figuratively, a path will lead you to your destination, but in life we must make choices and follow a ‘path’ which will inevitably shape you as a person…

We must piece together the pieces and it isn’t always as easy as it may seem. I used a collage effect by taking many pictures and overlapping them. I wanted this photograph to convey that following one path isn’t always as easy as you think, I don’t know what I want to do and which path to follow and I wanted to allude to this, following a path isn’t always black & white, it is difficult to choose and find the way.

The focus within these pictures is the subconscious decision we make in our day to day lives which shape us as individuals. I overlapped pictures of paths and faces to hint at this idea, taking the seriousness of life and the beauty of where I mind drifts to.

The decisions we make aren’t always clear and may sometimes seem very blurry…

You may not know which path is right and this can affect you on a deep level but eventually you must choose.