Unveiling The Unconscious – Collage

Student work from the module Surrealism: Myth And Modernity (2020/2021), 2nd/3rd year elective


by Lauren Tilley

A surrealist collage created in contemporary times. Using digital means, I took inspiration from Max Ernst, selecting photographs that simply stood out to me for their aesthetic or practical properties. Arranging them and connecting them with bright lines came naturally, perhaps due to the circumstances of confinement at the time (hence the title ‘Tethered’).




by Bethany Tether

In this collage I take inspiration from Salvador Dali to create a bizarre Surrealist piece. I used magazines to find a collection of contrasting images; I then let my unconscious take over and organise a composition without thinking. The final product is an unnatural dreamlike sequence. 




Rendez-vous surréaliste

by Laura Van Gurp

The title is a reference to the romantic meeting of the embracing couple, as well as the coming together of elements from works of different artists. The separate clippings that spoke to me were put together without premeditated intention and from the unconscious mind, to recreate the surrealist collage.