Due to the global health crisis, we have decided to postpone the conference until 2021. For more information, please read our statement here. We will confirm invited symposia once we have a better idea of how the situation is evolving.

TBC – Catherine Amiot, PhD: Psychological processes and factors involved in human-animal relations: Implications for advocacy, social issues surrounding the place of animals in human lives, and fundamental questions on the nature of the human self.

 TBC – Jim A.C. Everett, PhD: Expanding the moral circle: New directions in the moral psychology of speciesism

TBC – Alex Lockwood, PhD: Encircling the animal-industrial complex: social science reflections on Animal Rebellion and the legacy of direct action for climate/animal activism

TBC – Jared Piazza, PhD and Steve Loughnan, PhD: How to help people ditch meat: What works?

TBC – Corey Wrenn, PhD: Animal rights big and small: Considering scale of activism