Student Profile: Irene Lopez Sanchez

Irene Lopez Sanchez is a PhD student at the Centre for American Studies at the University of Kent. We caught up with Irene to find out more about her research and time at Kent.

Can you describe your research project?

My research project is an interdisciplinary approach to the idea of happiness in Emily Dickinson’s writings. Using a comparative method, my study examines the radical transformation of the classical idea of eudaimonia (a life well lived) into nineteenth-century idea of happiness and the ways in which Dickinson’s views challenged the latter.

What aspects of research do you find most rewarding?

I’m a second year PhD student and what I find most rewarding is how, little by little, an abstract idea in your head (in other words, the first proposal that I submitted) starts taking shape and becoming concrete as your research progresses.

Are there any particular highlights of your PhD studies so far?

Although challenging, it is a great experience to pursue this PhD and to have the opportunity to work in something that I am passionate about.

How have you found the supervision process?

I find the supervision process excellent. I have regular meetings with my supervisors, and they have already proven to be extremely helpful and supportive.

How would you describe your research community at Kent?

My research community at Kent is a key element in my studies. We are an interdisciplinary community and we help each other in multiple ways. I believe that whatever problem I might face during my research, there always be a person able to help me.

What other support do you receive as a research student?

I receive support from my Liaison Librarian at Templeman Library and from The ECCLES Centre for American Studies at the British Library.

How have you funded your studies?

I was awarded with the Vice Chancellor’s Research Scholarship for International Students.

What are your plans for a future career?

After I finish my PhD, I would like to be professor in the field of Humanities at a university or college.