The Annual Kent Americanist Symposium (8 June 2020)

The fourth Annual Kent Americanist Symposium – The Spacial Americas – will take place on Monday 8th June, 2020 at the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus. Aimed primarily at PhD students, the Symposium offers early-career researchers a chance to showcase their own research in a friendly, informal environment. 

This symposium invites Postgraduate Researchers and Early Career Researchers in the field of American Studies to evaluate and analyse the relationship between the Americas and ‘space’. This could include a geographical approach to ‘space’ and ‘place’, an ecological focus on the environment, the art of mapping, the relationship between the country and the city, the American notion of ‘the frontiers’, a transatlantic focus on the relationship between the Americas and other spaces, or even a more literal look at America’s role in exploring outer space.

Please submit a proposal for a 20-minute paper to by April 20th, 2020. Proposals should include the title of the paper, a 250-word abstract, and a 50-word biography. Travel bursaries will be offered accordingly.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Anne-Marie Angelo, University of Sussex.