Student blog: How to make your room feel homely

Viviana's room in Tyler Court A

In her final blog Viviana shares her advice and experience on what to bring with you when moving to university


Hello, my name is Viviana, and by now you know I just graduated from the University of Kent with a Drama and Film undergraduate degree. I am an international student, who came from Greece to the UK for studying and I spent both my first and third year in the University’s accommodation so coming from far away, I get that taking the right things with you is key.

Making your room feel cosy to your liking is of vital importance, especially if it is your first time moving somewhere on your own. Fairy lights, stuffed animals, your favourite books, mug, pictures of loved ones, your favourite art hung on the walls are all great ideas. I personally love plants as they make me feel more relaxed when I have them in my space, so I bought a snake plant and a mint plant that I love and take care of as if they were my babies.

dinosaur watering plants

You do not need to bring your entire room with you. I suggest you choose what is actually necessary and crucial to you and anything that could be substituted or bought from Canterbury, just buy it here. Of course, if you have easy access to bring more stuff, such as food or sanitary supplies, feel free to do so. In my case travelling all the way from a different country, the less, the better.

Micky Mouse throwing lots of clothes into suitcase

For me, it was crucial to bring warmer clothes, as the UK weather is colder than Greece’s and a raincoat, umbrella and boots were necessary since it rains a lot. I made the mistake of taking more summer clothes that I ended up not wearing because of the weather, so hopefully, you can learn from my mistake. Also, if you are travelling from a European country or further away, do not forget to get the appropriate adapters and chargers that fit the UK’s plugs.

woman wearing all the clothes

Finally, take it easy, moving to a new home alone for the first time can be a bit strange and chaotic as to what you need to buy, but remember you do not need to buy everything at once. Time by time, you will gather all the stuff you need.

Still unsure where to start? Take a look online at what is already included in your room (for Pier Quay rooms in Medway too), there’s also a handy packing list available as well as more student advice.